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Born out of an accident when a bail of tobacco was left out in the rain. The tobacco was then fermented and used to roll "cheap cigars", which date back to as early as 1815. The cigar quickly became the Italian symbol of independence and Toscano went on to employ thousands of female rollers at a time when the process of female emancipation is stalled. Known for its rustic look, Toscano cigars have become an icon of Italian style for over 200 years!

Toscanello Aroma Cioccolato - A cigar that blends the seductive taste of chocolate with the unmistakable aroma of fire-cured Kentucky tobacco.

Toscanello Macchiato - A cigar with all the warmth of coffee and tobacco enriched with sugary notes on the tip.

Toscano Antico - With its powerful impact and full-flavored body, this is the cigar that more than any other epitomizes the history and taste of the TOSCANO® cigars.

Toscano Classico - A cigar that is ‘sharp and rugged’ but at the same time lively and with a noticeable personality: legitimate heir to the 19th-century charm of the early TOSCANO® cigars.